What makes you strong?

Answer pcp and methamphetamine.

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What makes magnets strong?

From power generation to motors and MRIs, modern society wouldn't function without a basic understanding of magnets. Magnets of different strengths are suited to different applications. Several fac... Read More »

What Makes Trusses Strong?

Trusses derive their strength from the use of triangles in their design. Geometric law, based on the principals of axial tension and compression, dictates that a triangle cannot collapse when stres... Read More »

What makes duct tape soo strong?

the support of the sticky stuff on the back, kind of like our contacts holding everyone together and the green color it carries for St.Patrick's day...

What Makes Hair Strong & Healthy?

Smooth and shiny hair is beautiful to look at and feels nice to the touch. Although it may be genetic, beautiful hair does not come naturally to everyone. Some may find their hair thinning or break... Read More »