What makes you snore?

Answer Snoring is characterized as noisy breathing during sleep that results in a hoarse sound, and it is not uncommon for all ages and both genders. According to the Sleep Disorders Guide, about 90 mill... Read More »

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Why do men snore?

Both men and women snore but according to the Vancouver Sleep & Breathing Center more men than women snore regularly. There are multiple reasons that increase the chances of snoring but the act its... Read More »

Do you snore?

Is it ok for your 5 month old to snore?

Occasional snoring is ok. But if it persists child should be shown to ENT surgeon.

Do all humans snore?

No.I do, but I'm more prone to it when I'm lying on my back, when I lie with my hand under my head, or when I've been drinking.Weight can influence it as well. If I lost about 10 lbs, I would not ... Read More »