What makes you sleepy after taking food?

Answer This is the question for those who crossed 45 years. i am very young. i am brisk. no such thing happens to me. This is for oldies.

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I feel starved after taking one or two shots of alcohol, & I eat a lot of food, what can I do to prevent it?

I get that way sometimes.I hear that people who do weed get the munchies, and I always think about that when I get the munchies after heavy alcohol consumption.One night I had four Millers and like... Read More »

What makes us feel sleepy from allergies?

Allergic reactions range from common sniffles to anaphylexia (a life-threatening condition where the throat closes shut). In the middle of the spectrum are muscle aches, postnasal drip, dizziness, ... Read More »

Why do I get sleepy after sex Shouldn't I feel energized What am I doing wrong?

Well, honey, if it wasn't a quickie in the men's roomat the local 7-11, then you ought to be totally spent!

What makes me giggle uncontrollably over things that are not even remotely funny when I'm sleepy?

your slap-happy. you get it when you stay up too late, but its really fun!