What makes you happy i need some help to put a smile on my face.?

Answer Really good music,like snow patrol,U2,REM or counting crows.Plus when i think of laughs i had with friends in past.Eg i was workin in a factory with some eastern european dudes+i sprayed one guys t... Read More »

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Can a happy heart encourage a friendly smile in the twinkle of Gods eyes?

Only with a willing heart! :DPeace and Blessings(((Bilbo)))

What puts a smile on your face every day?

the ability to speak, see, hear and smell things. Too many people in this world focus on the things they don't have.

What's one song that always brings a smile on your face?

'If you're happy and you know it' and my friends used to sing that all the time when we were still brings a big smile to my face....

How to Put a Smile on Your Face Despite a Broken Heart?

The time period following a broken heart can feel like the most devastating and desperate hours of your life. Whether your heart is broken because of a break-up, divorce or a loved one passing away... Read More »