What does loyalty above all else mean?

Answer "Loyalty above all else" means that friends or relatives will remain loyal to one another regardless of the circumstances. This can include standing up for and defending a person who is facing crit... Read More »

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What is this condition - boy aged 5 symptoms include anhidrosis heat sensitivity and red yellow blotchy face occurs during exercise and temps above 70 much faster above 80 and direct sunlight above 70?

My daughter gets a yellow/green/greyish blotchy face when she overheats (she has anhidrosis of undetermined origin). and has done so since birth (she's in her 20s now). This was caused by exposure ... Read More »

Vegans, Vegetarians will you choose McCain, Obama, None of the above, or something else?

I have been a vegetarian for 15 years. I an an ardent independent. As for your pacifist idea, it is probably true to some extent however I will share that I spent 7 years in the military (while bei... Read More »

Who makes the J2000 above ground swimming pool?

The J2000 above ground swimming pool is manufactured by Atlantic Pools. It is available in a round and oval style. Atlantic pools are made out of premium galvanized steel, which protects the walls ... Read More »

Who makes the series J2000 above ground pool?

While sold by many pool providers, the J2000 above ground pool is manufactured by Atlantic Pool Products. Atlantic Pools was one of North America's first manufacturers of above ground pools; it was... Read More »