White Topaz, White Sapphire, White Diamond. Do these have similar metaphysical properties?

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If a man that is half black and half white has a baby with a all white woman what are the odds of the baby being white skinned?

I'll have to go with white because many people i know that is like that normally they come out the same color of their mother.

What Is the Difference Between 14K & 18K White & Yellow Gold?

Gold can be either white or yellow, and both are measured in karats of either 14K or 18K. Pure yellow gold is considered classic gold and is very soft. Gold needs to have other metals added to it ... Read More »

What is the normal weight for a 1/2-carat white gold ring?

A white gold ring with a half-carat gemstone in it will weigh the 1/2 carat that's the gemstone plus the weight of the gold ring itself, for a total normal weight of approximately 3 to 4 grams.Refe... Read More »

What does an HDS stamp on white gold jewelry mean?

The HDS stamped on white gold jewelry, or any piece of jewelry, stands for Helzberg Diamonds and means the item was made by that company. Helzberg sells jewelry in stores throughout the United Sta... Read More »