What makes us seem to get drunk faster?

Answer Liquor because its quicker :)

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How do u get drunk faster?

What gets you drunk faster vodka or tequila?

Typically both are going to be 80 proof, which means they have exactly the same amount of ethanol and ethanol is what makes you drunk. So, unless they are different proofs, there is no difference a... Read More »

Does chewing gum while drinking alcohol get you drunk faster?

As far as available research goes, chewing gum does not get you drunk faster. Some ways a person can get drunk more quickly than normal are by drinking on a empty stomach, mixing alcohol with medic... Read More »

What makes a pc go faster: ram or the cpu?

To make a computer faster you need to upgrade both the CPU and the RAM. The CPU will increase the processing time of the computer and the RAM will help increase the memory so the CPU does not have ... Read More »