What makes us feel sleepy from allergies?

Answer Allergic reactions range from common sniffles to anaphylexia (a life-threatening condition where the throat closes shut). In the middle of the spectrum are muscle aches, postnasal drip, dizziness, ... Read More »

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What is the substance released into the bloodstream that makes you feel sleepy when you've had a huge meal?

Why is it that when you have your eyes dilated it makes you feel so sleepy.?

Good Q.You know when you are very sleepy and you have to keep your eyes open and they start feeling dry and kind of sticky and gaze gets focused in one place.. well, it is the same feeling produced... Read More »

Why do I get sleepy after sex Shouldn't I feel energized What am I doing wrong?

Well, honey, if it wasn't a quickie in the men's roomat the local 7-11, then you ought to be totally spent!

What makes you sleepy after taking food?

This is the question for those who crossed 45 years. i am very young. i am brisk. no such thing happens to me. This is for oldies.