What movie makes you cry no matter how many times you see it?

Answer I'm a guy and answering this? Oh man......"Field of Dreams", provided I watch it from beginning to end.No, I'm burly....really.

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Which movie always makes you cry, no matter how many times you watch it?

Don't think I'm silly, but I always tear up during the last scene or two in the Wizard of Oz. When Glinda tells Dorothy she had the power to get herself home all along and Dorothy says, "I have?" I... Read More »

If spanking is abuse no matter what then doesn't that mean that hugging/kissing is rape no matter what?

Lol, You NAILED THAT PERFECTLY. I agree 100 percent. Spanking is abuse as much as kissing is rape!Edit - I hope I'm not misunderstood here, lol. Meaning spanking IS NOT abuse, and kissing/hugging I... Read More »

What is the matter?

Go to runtype in "msconfig"Click on the boot.ini tabAt the bottom on the left, there's a box that should say "safeboot" (or something similar)Check that box, tell it ok, and restart - you'll be in ... Read More »

What is the matter with my Facebook?

That Sounds Like a Display Issue that Happens Sometimes to Fix this Please Clear your Cookies and Cachee and Delete Temporary Files Than Close out your Browser than Reopen And Go Back to Facebook a... Read More »