What makes up an egyptian coin?

Answer Egyptian coins currently in circulation have a broad range of compositions and values, each one very different from the next.5 Piastre CoinsThe three different versions of the modern 5 Piastre coin... Read More »

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What makes Egyptian cotton better?

Manufacturers use several types of cottons, including Egyptian cotton, to make sheets, towels and clothing. Other major cotton types include Sea Island and Pima. Egyptian cotton, though, is synonym... Read More »

What makes Egyptian cotton special?

Egyptian cotton is luxurious fabric used to make such household items as bed linens, towels and bathrobes. Its growing conditions and location give Egyptian cotton special properties that are diffe... Read More »

Who makes Dansco coin albums?

Dansco coin albums are manufactured by the Dansco Corporation located in Los Angeles, California. In 2010, it is a privately-owned corporation with less than 20 employees and total annual revenues... Read More »

How to Take Advantage of Junk Coin Bins at Coin Shops?

If you've ever visited a coin shop, you've seen them. Dealers like to have bins of mixed foreign coins, oftentimes at around 15-20 cents each. These bins can be a goldmine for bullion and foreign c... Read More »