What makes up a radio?

Answer A radio is a device that is designed to transmit or receive radio signals. What typically comes to mind when we think of a radio, however, is an AM/FM radio receiver. There are five main components... Read More »

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What company makes the Mirage radio?

MFJ Enterprises, Inc. is a manufacturer of communications products including the Mirage radio brand. Along with Mirage, they also own Vectronics, Ameritron and Hy-Gain and run them as separate comp... Read More »

What song makes you turn the radio off or to another station?

I am picking up a radio station from 500-600 miles away, what makes this possible?

That is common for AM. I can't remember why, unfortunately. I think the waves bounce off the atmosphere or somethink like that. It is a cool phenomena. Wish I could remember the details. Your ... Read More »

Who makes the BMW radio?

DIRAC Research AB produces and manufactures radios and sound systems for BMW vehicles. The two companies became partners in 2006. Other companies, such as Bavarian Soundwerks, provide upgraded soun... Read More »