What makes up a plasma tv?

Answer A plasma TV screen is made up of a grid of tiny pixels filled with gas. An electrical charge is put across these pixels which cause the gas atoms to interact with a phosphor coating to create colours.

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What Makes a Plasma TV Work?

A plasma TV works by creating a special chemical reaction that converts contained gases into plasma that interacts with the special components of a plasma display to produce visible light. The uniq... Read More »

Who makes vizio plasma tv?

Vizio plasma televisions are made by Vizio Inc. The company, which is located in California, was founded in 2002 and was called V Inc. at the time. Vizio Inc. sells a variety of plasma and high-def... Read More »

Who makes the Maxent plasma TV?

The Maxent line of plasma televisions is manufactured by Regent USA. The company is located in City of Industry, California. Regent USA employs a staff of less than 50 employees and claims an annua... Read More »

Who makes Sony plasma TVs?

Sony. But they do use circuit boards and parts from other manufacturer's, such as Samsung, etc. It's just a matter of economics.