What makes up a plasma tv?

Answer A plasma TV screen is made up of a grid of tiny pixels filled with gas. An electrical charge is put across these pixels which cause the gas atoms to interact with a phosphor coating to create colours.

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What Makes a Plasma TV Work?

A plasma TV works by creating a special chemical reaction that converts contained gases into plasma that interacts with the special components of a plasma display to produce visible light. The uniq... Read More »

What electronic brand makes the best HD/plasma TV?

Pioneers are the best, hands down--but you pay a premium for those. They have also stopped making plasma TV's, so they may not be on the market (new, anyway) for long. Panasonic is a solid second... Read More »

What country makes the Plasma Flat Screen TV?

Who makes Vizio plasma TVs?

Vizio plasma TVs are made by Vizio, Inc, which is located in Irvine, California. Vizio, Inc, began in 2002 under the name V, Inc with a total of three employees. In 2003, the company launched the V... Read More »