What makes up a laptop?

Answer Since laptops weigh only a few pounds despite being able to perform most of the operations of the desktop computer, one might wonder how they are capable of this. You also may be curious about what... Read More »

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Who makes the ThinkPad laptop?

IBM began manufacturing the ThinkPad laptop in 1992 and continued to do so until the PC division of IBM was sold. In late 2004, Lenovo purchased IBM's PC division and reached a five-year agreement ... Read More »

What makes a fast laptop?

A laptop is only as fast as the components, or parts, used to construct it. Key parts that affect the speed of a laptop's performance include RAM (random-access memory) and the processor.Random-Acc... Read More »

Who makes a pink laptop?

Only a few manufacturers make pink laptops. Sony, Dell and Acer have series of laptops and netbooks that are offered in multiple colors, including pink. However, at, you can customize pi... Read More »

Who makes the Viewmaster laptop?

ASUStek, a company based on Taiwan, manufactured the Viewmaster laptop. After production, the Viewmaster was rebadged for Hallmark Computer International as a Hallmark computer. The Viewmaster is n... Read More »