What makes up a laptop?

Answer Since laptops weigh only a few pounds despite being able to perform most of the operations of the desktop computer, one might wonder how they are capable of this. You also may be curious about what... Read More »

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What makes a fast laptop?

A laptop is only as fast as the components, or parts, used to construct it. Key parts that affect the speed of a laptop's performance include RAM (random-access memory) and the processor.Random-Acc... Read More »

What makes a good gaming laptop?

First and foremost, I recommend going with an i5 however they are slightly more costly than i3's but cheaper than i7 processors of course. Most processors in laptops in this day and age are general... Read More »

What makes the battery of a laptop start running out?

This is a common problem with all rechargeable batteries eventually. They only last a certain number of recharges, then the chemicals inside the batteries start to weaken. Replacing with a new batt... Read More »

Who makes HP laptop motherboards?

HP-branded laptop motherboards are designed by HP and manufactured by factories in China. The motherboards are created exactly to HP's requirements and made specific to each HP laptop model, rather... Read More »