What makes turtles different from other reptiles?

Answer A turtle has several traits that distinguish it from other reptiles. However, things get a bit more confusing when you're trying to tell the difference among a turtle, tortoise and terrapin.Shell... Read More »

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Do small turtles have more Salmonella than large turtles?

Small turtles do not have more Salmonella than larger turtles. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration states turtles with shells less than four inches long were banned for sale because they were sma... Read More »

When did reptiles first appear?

The very first reptiles emerged in the Paleozoic era, during the Carboniferous period. At first, they were primitive and confined to land. Following the Paleozoic era was the Mesozoic era, which wa... Read More »

How old are reptiles?

Reptiles originated in the Paleozoic era, about 300 million years ago. The reptiles of this period lived only on land, like modern-day lizards. About 250 million years ago, dinosaurs became the dom... Read More »

What biome has reptiles?

Reptiles are found in a wide range of biomes, excluding the tundra biomes located at the poles. Sea turtles and marine iguanas are found in the world’s oceans, crocodilians are associated with ma... Read More »