What makes turtles different from other reptiles?

Answer A turtle has several traits that distinguish it from other reptiles. However, things get a bit more confusing when you're trying to tell the difference among a turtle, tortoise and terrapin.Shell... Read More »

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What makes Dre beats different from other headphones?

You can hear EVERYTHING the artist wants you to hear, the bass is much stronger hence the headphone makes your music sound NEW and its very crisp, you will love it I do not regret buying my Solo Hds

What makes "Palestine" so different from any other Middle Eastern country?

True, they're not "so different" from other Middle Eastern nations, and that's because they're true Middle Easterners with real roots in the land they live on, not some 20th Century immigrants from... Read More »

What Makes the Three Toed Sloth Different from Other Mammals?

Notoriously slow, the three-toed sloth of the Central and South American rainforest is a distinct mammal in many ways. The three-toed sloths have a tree-dwelling lifestyle that differs greatly from... Read More »

What makes soul music different from other styles of music?

Soul music is the amalgamation of three distinct musical forms: gospel, blues and rhythm & blues. A largely southern and black music, soul grew rapidly into popularity in the 1960s.GospelDespite ea... Read More »