What makes the stomach produce too much acid?

Answer Stomach acid is necessary for the digestion of food. It aides the stomach by breaking down food so that nutrients can be spread throughout the body. However, too much acid in the stomach causes hea... Read More »

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Eating apple makes acid reflux much worse?

Because they have acid. On an empty stomach is a bad idea, eat something beforehand, maybe something which has a calming effect on your condition. Weird that oranges wouldn't do the same, perhaps i... Read More »

What acid is used to produce sodium lauryl sulfate?

The synthetic procedure for sodium lauryl sulfate (also known as sodium dodecyl sulfate) involves combining lauryl alcohol with sulfuric acid. The addition of a base, such as sodium hydroxide or so... Read More »

What acid is found in the stomach?

Hydrochloric acid is located in the stomach. This acid defends the body against illness by destroying bacteria from ingested food. Hydrochloric acid also protects the stomach from consuming itself ... Read More »

What is the chemical formula for stomach acid?

The acid in the stomach is called hydrochloric acid. It is released by the lining in the stomach and is an important player in the digestion of proteins by the body. The chemical formula for hydroc... Read More »