Why does the moon have an orange color in the fall?

Answer The moon can take on an orange hue anytime it sits near the horizon---for example, when rising or setting. In this position moonlight must pass through a greater amount of atmosphere to reach your ... Read More »

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How to Unlock the Orange Sprite Lumber Team on Harvest Moon DS (Nintendo)?

Harvest Moon DS is a game for the Nintendo DS device where you are a virtual farmer raising crops, livestock and poultry. You also try to rescue the Harvest Sprites that were banished by the Witch ... Read More »

What color mixed with orange makes blue?

Since orange and blue are opposite colors on the color wheel, there is nothing that can be added to orange to arrive at a blue color, except a very large amount of blue paint. Another barrier to th... Read More »

What makes Mexican rice the orange-red color it is at restaurants?

Definitly NOT saffron....saffron is used in mediterranean cooking and would turn the rice bright yellow. Definitely NOT turmeric..... this would also cause it to be yellow, as turmeric is the prim... Read More »

What makes a plant grow faster if watered by coffee soda milk or orange juice?

your plant will not grow because the watered by a juices, plant needs water and oxygen ans sunlight and soil. For More Information Visit My FaceBook if im on-line chat or send massage me thank youF... Read More »