What makes store theft alarms go off?

Answer its a magnetic tagging system, you know when they wipe your clothes or electronics over the thing next to the scanner; they are removing the magnetic theft tags magnetic strength...

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Setting Store Alarms off!! What is it?

They're not metal detectors. They detect tiny rfid tags that some merchadise has. You have something in the purse, or the purse itself that has one of those tags and is getting mistaken for unpaid ... Read More »

Do barcodes set off security alarms at a store?

You are correct.It's not the printed barcode that sets off the security detectors. There are magnetic tags stuck to certain items that, when they are not deactivated, set off the alarm. They get de... Read More »

Do the tags on items make store alarms go off?

The store alarm tags used in retail stores work using radio frequencies. Basically, when a special tag, consisting of an antenna and electric circuit, passes the detector found at the store exit, t... Read More »

Do price tags make store alarms go off?

Price tags carrying barcode labels embedded with electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology will sound an alert if they are not deactivated at the checkout counter. Self-adhesive paper tags p... Read More »