What makes stocks go up&down in points?

Answer Investors explore the stock market to grow wealth above the inflation rate. Understand the factors influencing share prices to move up and down prior to making financial decisions. Identifying patt... Read More »

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What makes stocks go up&down?

The stock market is a volatile, constantly changing institution. You have probably heard on the news that stocks go up and down. The basic driving motivation for those changes are economics.Signifi... Read More »

What makes the stocks go up&down?

There are analysts who work full-time to determine why stocks fluctuate, yet the causes often seem completely arbitrary. Knowing the basics about the factors affecting stocks can make the ups and d... Read More »

What makes stocks risky?

Stocks are risky by nature. There is no guarantee that a stock's value will increase over time. The value (or list price) of a share increases only if the players in the market perceive that stock ... Read More »

What makes stock market points go up or down?

Stock markets match corporations seeking financing, against savers looking to invest capital. Stock market indexes measure overall performance, and should be used to craft your investment strategy.... Read More »