What makes soul music different from other styles of music?

Answer Soul music is the amalgamation of three distinct musical forms: gospel, blues and rhythm & blues. A largely southern and black music, soul grew rapidly into popularity in the 1960s.GospelDespite ea... Read More »

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Is the USB of music instuments ( like music keyboards) different from Computer/scanner/ printer USB?

its not a specific usb no? can you play music into the computer? ie in Cubase or sibalius or something similar? Are sure that it is a feature of the keyboard?thanks

Other than Amazon and Itunes, what other big-name companies sell music CDs and music downloads online?

Google play is a great big one. Sony has its own music empire too.Best.

How to Appreciate Different Styles of Music?

When and where do you think a person might listen to rap/hip hop music? How about classical music? Or the heavy pulsating beat of dance music? Setting is a key aspect of how a person can appreciate... Read More »

Where did soul music come from?

Before Aretha Franklin topped the charts in the 1960s with the hit "I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)," soul had been developing out of earlier black music styles throughout the country.Blue... Read More »