What Makes Us Itch.......?

Answer a release of a chemical called histamines.

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My bra makes my boobs itch?

You need a different material.I used to wear cotton bras, and my boobs would itch like crazy because if it was a particularly hot day, the fabric would get wet.Now I buy bras made out of a silky ty... Read More »

When I feel something squiggly in my butt is that a worm or just an itch?

I would suggest you try some of the answers on this page and see how they work. If not, I suggest you see a doctor.

My friend, who has little or no manners, always says his "balls itch" there something I can do to help?

What makes something edible?

not sure where in the world you live... But since October last year, it is illegal in the UK to put decorations on cakes that are not 100% edible. For years we put on whatever was available in the ... Read More »