What Makes Us Itch.......?

Answer a release of a chemical called histamines.

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My bra makes my boobs itch?

You need a different material.I used to wear cotton bras, and my boobs would itch like crazy because if it was a particularly hot day, the fabric would get wet.Now I buy bras made out of a silky ty... Read More »

What causes us to itch ?

Dry skin can be a source of itchiness, but moisturizing doesn't seem to stop those little, random itches that happen anywhere for no reason. From what I've read, the physiological mechanisms behind... Read More »

Why do i itch so much "down there"..?

Do have have white clumpy discharge? If so, yeast infection.

I ITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I think you have an allergy to grass. I would take an anti-histamine, such as Clarityn and put calamine or aloe on your skin.Hope that helpsxx N