What makes something edible?

Answer not sure where in the world you live... But since October last year, it is illegal in the UK to put decorations on cakes that are not 100% edible. For years we put on whatever was available in the ... Read More »

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What printers can be used with edible ink for edible images?

I worked at a grocery store deli that made the kind of images you are talking about for cakes. They just used a cheap cannon color ink jet printer with the special ink and paper that is needed. Did... Read More »

If kudzu is a legume, why can't it be changed in a way that makes it edible?

The young leaves are eaten in some parts of China. Kudzu contains more protein than alfalfa and some farmers are trying to come up with a way to harvest it for use as a cattle feed.

What makes something gourmet or not?

What makes something microwave safe?

The term "microwave safe" does not refer to the health effects of using an item after microwaving it. It refers to the likelihood that microwaves will damage the item. Besides the manufacturer's la... Read More »