What Makes High Mileage Motor Oil Different From Regular Motor Oil?

Answer Dozens of different motor oil formulations are available on today's market, and each claims that it's a better value than the others. In a sense, they are all correct. Modern engine oil is very dif... Read More »

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How to Make a Denim Purse from Jeans?

Purses these days can be expensive but it doesn't have to be. Purses are a great way to express your style and easy to make on a budget.

How would you get the dye from denim jeans off tan leather car upholstery?

Answer couldnt tell u without reading the bottle that the floc came inThe idea of putting flocculant in the water is for the flocculant to attack to impurity's in the water and sink to the bottom o... Read More »

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What Makes a Brass Singing Bowl Different From a Regular Brass Bowl?

Unlike basic brass bowls, antique brass singing bowls were crafted with seven different metals, one for each of the seven chakras. Singing bowl artists carefully tune each singing bowl to specific ... Read More »