What makes pita bread hollow?

Answer Pita bread is a flatbread of Middle Eastern origin. It is simple to prepare and full of healthy grains. To achieve the pita's hollow, puffed center, certain cooking criteria must be met.Steam and H... Read More »

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What is pita bread?

Pita bread is commonly used for sandwiches and to accompany dips and salads. Many Greeks and middle easterners accompany each meal with pita bread.IdentificationPita comes as a flat round bread. Fl... Read More »

What country did pita bread originate from?

The exact country pita bread came from is unknown, but it probably originated in either the Middle Eastern countries or Greece. These places have been using pita bread in their cooking for centurie... Read More »

What country does pita bread come from?

Pita bread is frequently eaten in many different countries and cultures. Historically, it originated in Middle Eastern countries, possibly in Egypt, Israel and Syria. It was introduced to other cou... Read More »

Is pita bread good for you?

On One Hand: Low-Calorie, Low-Fat FoodPita bread is a low-calorie, low-fat food especially when compared to other breads. reports that a small pita bread has only 77 calories and is o... Read More »