What makes permanent markers permanent?

Answer Permanent markers are designed to leave permanent marks on most surfaces. They are almost impossible to erase and are used when a lasting mark is desired.Definition of Permanent MarkersA marker is ... Read More »

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How Permanent Are Permanent Markers on Materials?

Despite their name, permanent markers are not permanent in all situations on every material. Permanent markers are commonly referred to as permanent because they are more likely to be permanent tha... Read More »

Why are permanent markers permanent?

Permanent markers were invented in 1952. Their popularity increased with the declaration that they possessed the ability to "permanently" bond to surfaces they were applied to. Their resistance to ... Read More »

Are permanent markers really permanent?

On One Hand: Stained SurfaceIn many cases, ink from a permanent marker can be removed, depending on the type of surface where the stain is located. If permanent marker is on the skin, wash repeated... Read More »

How are washable markers different from permanent?

Markers labeled as permanent or washable each have different characteristics as well as different usages. It is important to understand these differences when selecting the correct marker for your ... Read More »