What makes peppers hot?

Answer The substance that makes peppers spicy or hot is capsaicin. It is the main capsaicinoid in chili peppers and is about twice as potent as the minor capsaicinoids. Capsaicin is concentrated in the fr... Read More »

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What is the chemical that makes chili peppers hot?

A chemical in chili peppers, called capsaicin, provides peppers with their legendary heat. The chemical can also trigger circulation, alleviate pain, raise body temperature and increase metabolism.... Read More »

Pepper Plant That Makes Small Black Peppers?

Many pepper plants normally grown as ornamentals pack the same culinary punch as other hot peppers. The Black Pearl pepper (Capsicum annuum), for example, is a compact plant that has deep purple le... Read More »

Jalapeno peppers taste just like bell peppers?

It can happen depending on where they were grown and the soil conditions, I had the same issue with store bought jalapeno's and the long chinese green hot peppers, one year on my balcony I tried to... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Heat from Hot Peppers?

We have all had experiences with hot peppers burning our mouths at some point or another, and many of us assume water will help. Truth is, it is the worst method, and will just make the sensation w... Read More »