What film really makes you laugh?

Answer FridayDracula: Dead and Loving It ( Mel Brooks as Van Helsing is hilarious)Clerks IIFridayRush HourBridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (Especially when she has the mushrooms!)Blazing Saddles (mel bro... Read More »

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What makes your baby laugh?

My baby laughs when I pretend to sneeze or cough. She loves it- The other day she was fussing and I said in a low tone "what's your problem!?", joking of course, and she cracked up-

What comedy series old or new makes you laugh the most?

The Simpsons, Frasier, Father Ted, Futurama, Party Political Broadcasts on behalf of the Labour Party.

What does your baby do that makes you laugh?

Awwwk. Ickle Lamb!We My daughter is OBSESSED with waving to everyone and saying hello, which make me smile.She is also loving to dance and is picking up all the wiggles actions - the wiggles is lik... Read More »

To all you gardeners....what was an early mistake you made as newbie that makes you laugh today?

I went thru a stage where I planted lots of flower seeds in trays in my front porch. Many were easy to grow flowers like marigolds, zinnias, cosmos, and etc. Most ended up scraggly little plants th... Read More »