What are the different Korean accents/dialects and how can I identify them?

Answer 사투리 (satoori) is a term that encompasses all regional accents and dialects (it doesn't even have to be Korean.. a Texan accent would be considered a form of English 사투리 as well). Each r... Read More »

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What word means two different people that have the same dream?

For people who live outside North America: Do you find American accents appealing?

I live in Kent, about an hour away from London. In case you're reading this in what you perceive to be my voice, I'll try to explain my accent, 'cause most people'll assume I'm either ridiculously ... Read More »

What game show has different people in a different rooms?

"Marge Gamer" : Seventeenth episode of the eighteenth season.

Why do people have different eye colors?

Different eye colors are indications of different things. When discussing the iris, the eye color is determined by a certain amount of pigmentation mixed with melanin. Pigmentation is mostly determ... Read More »