What makes paper money valuable?

Answer Paper currency, or banknotes, derives its value from the full faith and backing of the government that prints it.HistoryPaper money was first issued by the Song Dynasty in 10th century China when t... Read More »

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What is the largest denomination of paper money that the United States now makes?

The largest currency denomination currently in production is the $100 note. The largest denomination ever circulated among the public was the $10,000 note, but on July 14, 1969, the U.S. Treasury a... Read More »

What Makes a Sapphire Valuable?

Quality and value in sapphires involves a mix of variants. There are natural sapphires and synthetic sapphires. These beautiful gems are mined from all over the world, and each geographical origin ... Read More »

What makes comic books so valuable?

Comics rise in value the way every collectible does; it is a market of supply and demand ruled by availability. Collectors and dealers alike are always on the hunt for that elusive rare piece for t... Read More »

What Makes Raccoons Valuable to Hunters?

Raccoons have long been a part of both urban and rural American life. Since they are well-adapted to cities and suburbs, we often view them as pests. However, hunting raccoons and selling their ski... Read More »