What makes my dog smell so bad?

Answer Veterinarians and groomers typically hear complaints of offensive canine odors. Dogs exhibit bad odors as a result of dirt, excrement, diseases, conditions and the bacteria associated with these pr... Read More »

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What Makes a New Car Smell?

The next time you're in a new car and inhale to enjoy that new car smell, you might want to hold your breath and open the windows instead. That scent is probably built-up toxins released by the syn... Read More »

What makes a dog smell bad?

Odors are a common source of frustration for dog owners. The source of an odor for a dog that rolled in something smelly is easy to identify, but for other odors on dogs, the problem may be more ob... Read More »

What makes a skunk smell?

The 12 species of skunks that live across North America have one thing in common--they stink. Their distinctive odor is a powerful defense against predators that can be smelled from a half-mile awa... Read More »

What Makes Perfume Smell?

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