What makes meringue shrink?

Answer Meringue is a combination of egg whites and sugar that are beat together to form a fluffy coating for pies and other desserts. Many chefs find that it is difficult to make a perfect meringue becaus... Read More »

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What Makes Clothes Shrink in the Washer & Dryer?

Heat is usually the culprit behind the shrinkage of clothes. Very hot water in the washing machine or high-heat drying, either from a laundry dryer or even hot heat from the sun will reduce the siz... Read More »

How Shrink DVDs Using DVD Shrink 2.3?

Some DVDs are dual-layer discs containing 8.5 GB of data. Single-layer DVDs (the typical blank DVD media) only hold 4.7 GB. DVD Shrink helps re-encode a DVD movie so it fits a single-layer blank DV... Read More »

What is meringue?

Consisting of stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar, meringue is a popular addition to desserts. Adding cream of tartar to help stiffen the egg whites is also common, though not necessary.HistoryA Sw... Read More »

Where did the meringue originate?

The origin of the dessert known as meringue is widely argued throughout the world. In 1604, Lady Elinor Fettiplace of England created a similar recipe under a different name, "White Biskit Bread." ... Read More »