What makes hot sauce so hot?

Answer The capsaicin in peppers it what makes them hot. The higher the hotter. Also the seeds have alot of heat in them so more seeds also adds to the hotness.

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Hot Sauce BBQ Sauce Steak Sauce Tarter Sauce OR Soy Sauce Which do you like more on your food?

It depends on what kind of food that I am eating them with.I hope that you enjoy your break.

Who makes Louisiana Hot Sauce?

Louisiana Hot Sauce is made by Bruce Foods. The company was founded in 1928 and is located in New Iberia, Louisiana. Bruce Foods specializes in Cajun and Tex Mex products, which are distributed aro... Read More »

Who makes the best store-bought pasta sauce?

On One Hand: Best Gourmet Brand: Rao'sRao's Homemade Marinara Sauce tops out many food writers' lists for the best tomato-based pasta sauce in a jar--Slate, "Good Housekeeping" and "Cook's Illustra... Read More »

Pasta and sliced okra: cheesy bechamel sauce or tomato based sauce?

OKRA!! With tomato based sauce...mmmmm...doesn't sound good