What makes hawaiian sea salt special?

Answer Hawaiian sea salt contains a natural mineral called Alaea--volcanic baked red clay that enriches the salt with the trace mineral iron oxide. Hawaiian Alaea sea salt has a mellow flavor that contrib... Read More »

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What type of rock makes up most of the Hawaiian Islands?

The lava that comes out of the Hawaiian volcanoes is igneous basalt. Igneous simply means the rock was formed by fire, as in lava. Basalt is a common form found in 'hot spot' volcanoes such as the ... Read More »

Does black Hawaiian mineral sea salt contain charcoal?

Also known as Hiwa Kai, black Hawaiian mineral sea salt does contain charcoal. Charcoal is added to both enrich the color of the sea salt and to help enhance the flavor of any food you add it to.Re... Read More »

Who makes Hawaiian Silky Hair Care products?

Green Valley Labs in Shannon, Mississippi makes and distributes Hawaiian Silky hair care products. The company also has the names Green Acres, Inc., or Green Acres Salon. They are all based in Shan... Read More »

What makes shakespeare so special?

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