What makes hair&fingernails grow?

Answer Most hair grows about a 1/2 inch per month, although hair may grow faster during the summer months. The growth of your hair is determined mostly by your hormones and genetics, according to the Mayo... Read More »

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What makes people grow up?

        People physically "grow up" (mature) as a normal result of the passage of time. However, in all other ways (emotionally, socially, etc.), people "grow up" as a result of the accumu... Read More »

What makes the grass grow?

Grass growth is the direct result of the process known as photosynthesis. It involves the interaction of sunlight, water and the green pigment chlorophyll, and generates oxygen as a byproduct.Photo... Read More »

What Makes Hair Grow Quicker?

Extensions or wigs provide a fast solution to those who don't want to sport short hair, but promoting natural, rapid hair growth is a little more difficult. The average person's hair grows at about... Read More »

What fruit makes breasts grow?

On One Hand: Fruits with PhytoestrogenPhytoestrogen is an organic compound found in some plants that mimics estrogen in a woman's body. There is some evidence suggesting that eating foods that con... Read More »