Guys what to you makes a girl hot?

Answer A health curvy figure, long hair, round butt, smooth skin, and for breast as long as it acts like breast size doesn't really matter.

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Guys what do you think makes a girl beautiful?

A girl that's truly sweet and caring, kind and has a good heart - that's beautiful

GUYS: What makes a girl look cute?

be modest, dont flash your body around.Dont put on too much make up onDont act like a *****I guess its the personality, looks yes but only if its not overdone.

Teen guys: what makes a girl hot?

I LOVE brunettes or even black haired girls who have big blue or green eyes. Not blondes, only some, but if any brunette has green or blue eyes and also nice plump lips then i would fancy them.

Guys: what makes big boobs so sexy?

I don't like them beyond medium size and I prefer medium size.The last thing a girl really needs is big boobs, in my opinion, because of the ridiculous craziness in society and among men.