What makes cookies chewy?

Answer There are numerous factors that affect the taste and texture of a cookie. From ingredients and baking time to less obvious considerations such as mixing techniques, there are many opportunities to ... Read More »

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What makes bubblegum chewy?

The ingredient in bubblegum, rubber latex, is what makes bubblegum chewy. Most rubber latex comes from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. Rubber latex comes in natural and synthetic forms, and most bubbl... Read More »

What makes chewing gum chewy?

Two factors make chewing gum chewy: gum base, the main ingredient in chewing gum, and the act of chewing itself. Saliva in the mouth, coupled with the act of chewing, helps increase the rubbery che... Read More »

What would make my sweet corn chewy?

It was picked too late.The kernels should emit a milky substance when popped on the stalk.

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