What makes glucose?

Answer Glucose is a simple sugar that is found in the blood and serves as the main source of fuel for the body. When glucose levels get too low, the body's cells don't function correctly.SourcesThe body m... Read More »

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Who makes the best glucose meter?

On One Hand: There Are Many Kinds of Bood Glucose MetersWhatever your need, you are likely to find a blood glucose monitor that suits you. There are compact meters for travel, meters that calculate... Read More »

If for a diabetic person blurred vision is after taking food then it is due to high glucose or low glucose.?

It is usually from high blood sugar but it can also be from spiking real high and then crashing to a low. The only way to tell is to use your meter and test your blood. You would need to test bef... Read More »

Does the liver store glucose and the pancreas secrete glucose?

Liver convert glucose into glycogen and store the same in its cells (Glycogenesis). In the case of hypoglycemia, glucagon secreted by alpha cells of the pancreas converts glycogen into glucose and ... Read More »

I have 104 mg/dL fasting blood glucose and 285 mg/dL post prandial blood glucose. Am I diabetic?

The question is, why are you not asking your doctor this?Anyway, the link provided will explain your blood work.