What makes gliders fly?

Answer Gliders have no engines to provide power, yet they can stay aloft for hours, riding air currents up and down through the sky. Their secret lies in the size and shape of their wings.Bernoulli's Prin... Read More »

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What are hang gliders made of?

A hang glider is made from several different materials. The wings are made from plastic and polyester cloth. The airframe is made of aluminum alloy and the cables are made out of stainless steel.So... Read More »

What year were gliders in flight invented?

According to the University of San Diego's History of Aviation, British inventor Sir George Cayley flew the first glider in 1853. Because of this achievement, Cayley is considered the father of avi... Read More »

How do gliders fly?

Consisting of three main parts (wings, fuselage and tail, all of which are streamlined to decrease drag), gliders rely on the Earth's natural forces, as well as the pilot's skill, to fly in three s... Read More »

DIY Paper Gliders?

Paper gliders are a quick-to-make craft that can demonstrate the physics of flight or simply entertain a child on a rainy afternoon. Having a child make their own paper glider is a good way to get ... Read More »