What makes frozen yogurt different from ice cream?

Answer Ice cream and frozen yogurt are both sweet frozen desserts. Though the process for making the two are almost identical, they include different key ingredients that create different textures, tastes... Read More »

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Is frozen yogurt ice cream better for nutrition than regular ice cream?

On One Hand: Health BenefitsProbiotics, found in frozen yogurt, aid digestion and improve immune function. People with lactose intolerance can eat frozen yogurt due to enzymes in the yogurt. Frozen... Read More »

Is frozen yogurt better than regular ice cream?

On One Hand: Fewer Calories, Less FatThe number of calories in a serving of regular frozen yogurt is less than the number of calories in regular ice cream. Chocolate frozen yogurt has 127 calories ... Read More »

Is frozen yogurt&ice cream the same thing?

Frozen yogurt and ice cream are not the same. According to LA Times reporter Kimi Yoshino, frozen yogurt must contain 10 million cultures per gram to be considered frozen yogurt. Ice cream, howev... Read More »

What is the differnce between ice cream and frozen yogurt?

ice cream- its pretty much milk and sugar. There might be some eggs other flavoring depending on the recipe. *Ice cream is going to be sweet & creamy depending on how well it was stirred/churned wh... Read More »