What makes dog coats shiny?

Answer Healthy dogs have shiny coats, according to "The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Dog's Symptoms." Natural body oils put the shine in the fur. This glossiness varies from individual dog to individual d... Read More »

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Who makes coats of arms?

The U.K.'s Royal College of Arms reports that a coat of arms is made by a herald. In the U.K., heralds employed by the College of Arms have complete design control over a coat of arms but take into... Read More »

What Makes Down Coats Puffy?

One of the warmest types of outwear for cold weather is down, also called down clusters, found beneath the outer feathers on waterfowl, especially those from cold climates where the insulation is d... Read More »

What Makes Your Hair Shiny & Nails Healthy?

Most of us want shiny hair and healthy nails. This is a big part of your appearance and makes you look more polished and put together, so here are a few easy tricks to getting both. ... Read More »

Differences Between Barn Coats & Field Coats?

Both the barn coat and the military-style field jacket are warm and comfortable. Both are commonly worn during cool weather and in cold climates. Both are hard-working garments that require little ... Read More »