What makes compact fluorescent lights efficient?

Answer Compact fluorescent light bulbs are recommended by many environmental groups and government agencies as efficient alternatives to the traditional incandescent light bulb.Lower WattageCFLs use anywh... Read More »

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Why are fluorescent lights more efficient?

The desire for energy efficiency has caused many to favor fluorescent lamps over incandescent bulbs. More of the energy going into a fluorescent goes into visible light, whereas much of a tradition... Read More »

Can compact fluorescent lights explode?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs can explode. The particular danger with compact fluorescent light bulbs is that they contain mercury. If the compact fluorescent bulb breaks for any reason, the toxi... Read More »

Output Watts of Compact Fluorescent Vs. Incandescent Lights?

The amount of light a light bulb produces is measured in lumens. The amount of energy a light bulb takes to produce light is measured in watts. Light bulb packages, including compact fluorescent li... Read More »

How much do compact fluorescent linear lights cost?

According to BuyLighting, the cost of compact fluorescent linear lights, also known as compact fluorescent light bulbs, depends on the wattage and style of the bulb. For example, a 7-watt, twin-tub... Read More »