What makes classic movies?

Answer Every year, thousands of movies are produced in America and around the world. Some films become classics while others fade from memory. There are many factors that go into a classic film.CriteriaIt... Read More »

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What are the best/classic movies I should watch?

Some classic movies you might like:The Godfather part 1, 2, and 3American BeautyThe Sixth SenseSaving Private RyanGood Will HuntingL.A. ConfidentialThe English PatientFargoPulp FictionForrest GumpT... Read More »

What makes a classic novel?

AnswerClassic works generally point out human conditions. Writers often express such conditions by incorporating influencial life themes into their works, such as love, loss, justice, race, and pol... Read More »

What makes a book a classic?

... in general, a book that has stood or can stand the test of time and remains popular and pertinent. However, there are a lot of other questions there, including... how much time, popular to who... Read More »

What makes sense and sensibility a classic book?

The fact that it's extremely well written and has a strong message.