What makes cats sneeze?

Answer Cat sneezes are startling noises. They can be acute and appear out of nowhere or be chronic and persistent. Cats may sneeze for a number of reasons; sneezing overall is caused by the irritation of ... Read More »

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Why do cats sneeze a lot?

Cats have very sensitive upper respiratory areas and are therefore prone to upper respiratory issues. According to the ASPCA, sneezing in cats can be as benign as the occasional human sneeze or an ... Read More »

What makes a cat sneeze?

Sneezing in cats is a common occurrence. Often times, an occasional sneeze is not a cause for concern. However, persistent sneezing accompanied with other symptoms may be indicative of a more serio... Read More »

Why is it that when you're about to sneeze, looking at a bright light source makes it happen sooner?

Some people do find that bright light causes them to sneeze. It seems to be biological or hereditary. If you walk outside into the bright sun or look at a bright light you sneeze.Its called Photic ... Read More »

What makes cats vomit?

While vomiting in cats is cause for concern among pet owners, this symptom does not necessarily indicate a serious underlying issue. A variety of circumstances can cause vomiting in felines.Hairbal... Read More »