What makes catalytic converters worth the money?

Answer Catalytic converters are in almost all cars built after 1975. EPA regulations require them because they help eliminate harmful pollutants cause by vehicle emissions. However, starting in the mid-20... Read More »

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Do catalytic converters contain gold?

Catalytic converters do not contain gold. When government regulations mandated the installation of catalytic converters on new cars in the 1970s, the converters contained a combination of platinum,... Read More »

When were catalytic converters mandated?

Catalytic converters were first required for cars and light-duty trucks sold in the United States starting in 1981. Roughly 85 percent of such vehicles sold in the rest of the world also have catal... Read More »

Do Saturns Have Catalytic Converters?

A catalytic converter, or catalyst, is responsible for reducing the amount of pollutants that emit into the atmosphere while a vehicle is being driven. Saturn vehicles do have catalytic converters.

Removing Catalytic Converters?

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