What makes breasts grow bigger?

Answer Breasts are a type of gland made of fatty tissue, containing a nipple, a duct system and lobules. Although women often have more developed breasts than men, breast growth can occur in either gender... Read More »

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What Makes Your Breasts Bigger?

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What vitamin makes breasts grow?

On One Hand: Puberty Causes Breasts to GrowBreast development occurs during the hormonal changes that happen during puberty. Genetic factors determine the final size and shape of a woman's breasts... Read More »

What fruit makes breasts grow?

On One Hand: Fruits with PhytoestrogenPhytoestrogen is an organic compound found in some plants that mimics estrogen in a woman's body. There is some evidence suggesting that eating foods that con... Read More »

How to Grow Male Breasts to Female Breasts?

Growing male breasts into female breasts requires a hormonal change from testosterone to estrogen and can only be achieved by receiving hormonal injections from a licensed professional. Due to the ... Read More »