What makes aquarium water cloudy?

Answer Murky or cloudy water in fish tanks can be caused by a few things. Some of these problems can be fixed more easily than others, depending on the situation.Cloudy Tank with New WaterNewly establishe... Read More »

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How to Fix Cloudy Aquarium Water?

You have some goldfish, but the water seems to be getting cloudier and cloudier. What causes this? And how can you fix it?

Why Did Adding New Fish to an Aquarium Cause the Water to Become Cloudy?

There are a number of reasons why adding a new fish to an aquarium can turn the water cloudy. Putting a new fish into an aquarium is stressful both for the new fish and for the fish already present... Read More »

Why would a fish aquarium always be cloudy?

Maintaining a fish aquarium can be an enjoyable hobby. Fish are not demanding, and it is fairly easy to keep them happily swimming along. A little more work may be involved in keeping their environ... Read More »

Why is a fish aquarium cloudy?

Cloudy water in an aquarium can be a sign that an essential element for a healthy aquarium isn't functioning properly. The situation should be examined to see if something requires immediate attent... Read More »