What makes an object float in water?

Answer An apple floats in water, but a carrot sinks. A piece of wood may be heavy, but it still floats. Ice is made of water, but for some reason, it floats. The causes are density and specific gravity.De... Read More »

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How to Make an Object Float in Claymation?

The Lego man is floating in midair!In claymation movies, characters often, for example, throw a ball or jump in the air. If each frame must be shot individually with slight movements between pictur... Read More »

Will an egg float in regular water, salt water or sugar water?

A fresh egg will sink in plain water because it is more dense than the water. The same egg will float in salt or sugar water because the water is more dense with the addition of the salt or sugar. ... Read More »

Do eggs float faster in sugar water or salt water?

The reason that eggs float or sink in certain fluids such as water is based on their density. If the density of the egg is more than the density of the water it will sink. This can be adjusted by a... Read More »

How to Make Water Float on Water for a Science Project?

Water is an important substance. It covers 70% of the world's surface, and is vital for human and mammal survival. When water has solidified into ice, it can easily float on itself, but a science p... Read More »