What makes albino people so white and what causes it?

Answer Albinism is due to faulty production of the pigment melanin.Increased rates of melanin production in melanocyte cells in the skin will produce changes in skin colour. Albinism means there is no pig... Read More »

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People say baking soda makes dermatitis better but it makes mine worse?

You must be allergic, i would ask my druggist if they have anything for your problem.

Why do White people seem to always put soy sauce on white rice?

because we never have any idea to do with food that is not deep fried of artiry clogging

Do white people like light skinned black people better then the dark ones?

Some do, some don't. but most of the time it depends on looks and personality. as you can see, tons of dark skinned black people are with white people and vice versa. it's really a shame that they ... Read More »

Can white people use hair treatments for black people?

I actually used some just last night for the first time last night. It works great! Goodluck ! (: