What makes a website slow?

Answer Slow loading times make it frustrating for Internet users to surf websites. There are a number of potential issues, both with your computer and the website in question, that may cause it to load sl... Read More »

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What Makes a PC Run Slow?

A slow personal computer can make it difficult for the user to complete activities for pleasure or work by increasing the time it takes to load a program, open a file or send an email.

What makes a PC go slow and freeze up?

A little known fact, hard drives are moving parts. Moving parts wear out. Get a new one before it goes out.

What Makes a Computer Slow Down?

Computers slow down for numerous reasons and waste time, resources and reduce efficiency. The two most important parts of a computer system that control and affect its speed are the processor (CPU ... Read More »

What makes a computer fast or slow?

Many variables cause a computer to run fast or slow. The speed of a computer is determined by the amount of gigahertz it contains. According to, "Megahertz and gigahertz are used to measu... Read More »