What makes a television cable ready?

Answer Many people choose to use cable to watch their television shows and those use cable ready televisions. Cable ready televisions have two types: digital and analog.AnalogEvery television produced tod... Read More »

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Which is better for viewing quality pictures to install on you laptop.. windows television with cable or the windows television software only without cable?

If I understand your question correctly, you want to know the best way to watch TV on your Windows laptop. I'm not sure if you are inquiring about a Cable TV subscription or cable connector. In an... Read More »

What is an HD ready television?

An HD ready television is capable of receiving and interpreting high-definition television broadcast signals. The screen contains 720 lines of resolution compared to 625 on a standard TV. HD ready ... Read More »

What Is HD Ready Television?

The first HD, or high definition, television hit the market in 1998 and by 2010 it was the popular television format in the world. In general, an HD ready television is any television that can disp... Read More »

Will a TV that is not digital cable-ready receive regular cable?

Yes. All television sets that are "cable-ready" will receive regular cable--hence the term. Normally, there is a port on the rear of the television set for a coaxial cable to connect, which indicat... Read More »