What makes a refrigerator Energy Star compliant?

Answer To qualify for the Energy Star label, a refrigerator must be 20 percent more efficient than non-qualified models and must be 20 percent more efficient than models meeting minimum federal standards ... Read More »

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What is the smallest Energy Star-compliant refrigerator?

With a volume of 1.66 cubic feet, the Sunbeam SBCR139WE model refrigerator is the smallest Energy Star-certified refrigerator on the market today. The SBCR139WE uses 21 percent less energy than req... Read More »

What makes a thermostat energy star-compliant?

According to the Energy Star website, to be considered "energy star-compliant," a thermostat must be able to maintain two distinct programs and have at least four temperature settings for each day.... Read More »

Who makes Energy Star asphalt roofing?

Energy Star-approved asphalt roofs may qualify for a tax credit, and can be purchased from several major manufacturers, including Certain Teed and GAF (see Resources), which bear the Energy Star sy... Read More »

Do refrigerator magnets increase the energy consumption of a refrigerator due to induction?

Answer No.A refrigerator magnet does not have a strong enough magnet field to affect your motor. Also the motor is mounted either at the top of bottom of your fridge. Far enough away from the outsi... Read More »